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Modular Radio Station (AN/PRC-52)

The CIA designation for this set is unknown. The military designation is AN/PRC-52, which includes transmitter T-797, receiver R-1026, and antenna coupler CL-863/R [ref. 30, April 1967]. An earlier reference from the UK refers to the transmitter and receiver as AN/PRT-2 and AN/PRR-7 respectively.

It is 'modular' in that there are two of each of the major modules in the unit. The modules select different frequency bands, power outputs, and power supply options. The transmitter and receiver modules in this set were used to construct the AN/PRC-64. [ref. 30]

Prototypes of the PRC-52 were delivered by Delco Radio Division in the second half of 1962.

The 5-watt amplifier for the set is the AM-2855, while the optional 15-watt amplifier is an AM-2856.


Modular Station Specifications



7-10 lbs, depending on configuration


8" X 5" X 6.5" in the larger configuration

Frequency Bands

3-8 MC or 8-16 MC or 16-32 MC, four crystal channels each (separate crystals for xmit and recv)

Power Input

Various AC voltages, or 6 VDC, or 12 VDC. The receiver module has an internal 3V battery.

Power Output

5 watts or 15 watts CW



An overall view of the set.


The lower-right corner of the unit, showing the pull-out CW key.


A view of the complete set, including the canvas carry bag.