(c) 2017,2022 Peter McCollum

Observed Nomenclature

The following list details the CIA nomenclature used for most equipment. In square brackets is an example of a specific model using the designation.

In some cases, a name is seen that includes an ‘X’ as either the first or last letter (such as XRR-5 instead of SRR-5). These are typically ‘engineering models’ (prototypes or early production units). Modifications to a standard design are often indicated by adding a letter preceded by a slash, such as: RT/A-3, RT/D-3, and RT/E-3 (all variations of the RT-3 transmitter). A double ‘X’, such as with the RS-6XX, seems to also indicate a special build that is a variation from normal production.

AC  Antenna Coupler [AC-3]

AM  Antenna Tuner

AN  Antenna [AN-74]

AP  AC Power Supply

AR  Receiving System

AS  Automatic Station [AS-3]

ASF High Speed Point-to-point Communication System [ASF-4]

ASR Audio Surveillance Receiver [ASR-1]; also Aircraft Survival Radio(?) [ASR-100]

AT  Automatic Station Transmitter [AT-3]

ATP Facsimile Printer [ATP-2]

AU  Accessory Unit [AU-3]

BC  Battery Charger [BC-16]

BN  Beacon transmitter [BN-2]

BS  Battery power supply

BT  Tape Recorder; also a battery-powered concealable xmtr [BT-2]

CA  Tape Cartridge [CA-3B]

CB  Tape Recorder [CB-3]

CC  Crystal Case [CC-15]

CCS Carrier Current Surveillance [CCS-1]

CK  Coder-Keyer [CK-30]

CL  Clamp (used with HG) [CL-48]

CM  Crystal Matrix [CM-48]

CO  Coder [CO-3B]

CP  Control Panel [CP-4]

CR  Collection Receiver (i.e. intercept) [CR-26]

CRA Collection Receiver, Aperiodic [CRA-4]

CSR Character Sequence Recognizer [CSR-2]

CT  Universal line cord [CT-1]

CU  Timer/Actuator [CU-10]

CV  Converter

CY  Electronic Key Generator [CY-2]

DD  Dual-Diversity receiving system [DD-1]

DF  Direction Finder [DF-3]

DS  Display System

EC  burial container [EC-2]

EK  Electronic Key [EK-1X]

ER  Equipment Rack [ER-3]

ET  Electro-mechanical Baudot Keyer [ET-2]

HG  Hand-crank Generator [HG-48]

HK  Hand Key [HK-1]


HRS Homing Receiver System (?) [HRS-23]

HRT Homing Radio Transmitter (beacon) [HRT-2]

IN  Oscillator [IN-3]

IS  Infrared Communication System [IS-5]

KA  Keyer Adaptor [KA-3]

KE  Keyer [KE-8]

KT  Tool Kit [KT-2]

LRS Latching Radio Switch (radio-controlled switch for a ‘bug’ xmtr) [LRS-1]

OS  Oscillator (VFO or freq. synth.)

PD  Pre-Detection (record receiver IF before the detector) [PD-1]

PM  Phase Modulator [PM-18]

PS  Power Supply

RA  Radio Accessory [RA-2]

RR  Radio Receiver [RR-2B]

RP  Radio Power supply [RP-2]

RS  Radio Station [RS-1]

RSR Radio Switch Receiver [RSR-1]

RT  Radio Transmitter [RT-3]

SRR Surveillance Radio Receiver [SRR-4]

SRT Surveillance Radio Transmitter [SRT-3]

ST  Surveillance Transmitter [ST-2A]

SWM Surveillance Wired Microphone (likely) [SWM-44B]

SY  Synthesizer, voice line message [SY-3]

TA  Transmitter Adaptor [TA-1]

TE  Morse code trainer [TE-2]

TK  Training Kit [TK-1]

TP  Tape Printer [TP-3]

TS  Test Set [TS-10]


UGP Gas Generator [UGP-12]

UPI Universal Power Inverter (?) [UPI-10]

URR Universal Radio Receiver (?) [URR-10 DF rcvr]

URT Universal Radio Transmitter [URT-11]

VA  Video Amplifier [VA-8]

VR  Video Recorder [VR-4]

XRR Surveillance (or Countermeasure) Receiver (prototype nomenclature for SRR) [XRR-8]