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The RS-48 HF Radio Set

Little is known about this set so far, but it is believed to have a similar size, weight, and purpose to the RS-49 set which is covered in some detail in the next section. Judging from an RR-48A receiver, the RS-48 was for more limited use or special situations. It seems to have a narrow operating band (only 20-25 MC), with 4 crystal-controlled channels.

RR-48 / RT-48 Specifications





Receiver RR-48

Transmitter RT-48

Power Supply









Frequency Bands

20-25 MC only?. Crystal control only?



Power input

A small cylindrical cell, perhaps a mercury type?



Power Output





An RR-48A receiver. Image courtesy of Mario.


The side of the RR-48A. Image courtesy of Mario.


Internals of the RR-48A receiver. Image courtesy of Mario.